February 1, 2012

The Playroom revamp...

I posted yesterday that the newest addition for storage for the playroom had arrived. After I assembled it, I then spent the next hour or so moving the room around and around until I came upon a configuration that I felt best suited the room. The room is  the 3rd car garage that for the most part is finished...if you over look the garage door!

This is a picture taken from the doorway that leads into the house. This garage has two windows which allow for a nice amount of natural light in the room.

Looking straight into the room from the doorway. The first of many Trofast units from Ikea. I love Ikea!

Looking to the right from the doorway. Ikea Heaven! More Trofast units. The funny thing, this isn't even all of them. This one is in Keegan's room and this one is upstairs. I love Ikea storage units.

The new unit that I got from Costco. While it isn't from Ikea it works great with the room and is a perfect size for Cayden!

Looking past the designated play area into my studio space (or the other half of the garage).

The play table that is just the right height for Cayden to now climb onto. Underneath are fabric storage bins that I bought at Target and now serve as the new home for all of Keegan's wooden Thomas the Tank Engine sets.

Well...it was clean!

I am still debating which method I am going to use to label the buckets. I did have photo's on them when Keegan was a few years old and that helped him to identify what was in each bucket. However, now that I have a toddler again, all I can see is him ripping them off each time he is in the playroom. I was thinking that maybe I would paint squares to write on with chalk paint that way I could easily change the name for the bucket if I rearranged (which I do do on occasion), my only concern is like the photo Cayden would probably wipe the chalk off everyday, driving my OCD through the roof.

Another idea is vinyl. I think that I might go with this as, it will help Keegan with his reading, Cayden can eventually start using the words to learn his letters and while more permanent then the picture and chalk at least when it comes to destructive toddlers, I would at least be able to change the name with a little effort.

Please feel free leave a comment if you have any suggestions/ideas that you have used that might work.

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