July 27, 2011

Birthday Wreath complete

Well I managed to get the wreath finished and hung in time for Keegan's birthday. I still want to make changes and rework the Happy Birthday sign, but that will have to wait until I finish unpacking the rest if my crafting supplies. What I have will suffice for now.

So if you want to make a Birthday Wreath, here is what you will need:
- Floral Pins (I found them at Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby)
- A Styrofoam Wreath (Just remember the bigger the wreath the more balloons and pins you will need)
- Balloons - several hundred (These can be found at Wal Mart and the Dollar Store)
- Streamers

Well there you go, I really enjoyed making this and will update it once I make the final sign.

July 25, 2011

Still unpacking, but...

Needless to say that I have been buried under mounds of packing paper from unpacking is an understatement. Who knew that it would take so much longer to unpack a house with a 7 month and 5 year old under foot.

Raises hand...well I do now!

I am currently taking a mini break to work on a birthday wreath to start a new family tradition. I saw one on Pinterest and I am making my own. Here are two sneak peeks of what I have so far.

This is where I ran out of ballons :( I will be running to the store tomorrow to get more and should have a finished wreath by tomorrow night.

Just in time to hang on the door Wednesday for Keegan's birthday.

July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We started the morning a little lazy.

Our first 4th of July was spent with the arrival of the moving truck.

Here are just a few of the 17,000 lbs of boxes and furniture that need to be unpacked...

Did they really pack this in a box?

I seem to have lost the children, has anyone seen them?

Well off to bed, they finish unloading the rest of the truck in the morning.

Posted with a semi finish line in sight.

July 3, 2011

Day 4 and Beyond...

Ok, needless to say I have fallen behind on my posts.

We arrived safe and sound on the 28th of June and have been relaxing since then.

On the last day of driving we had a nice relaxing day and made several stops including one in Topeka KS. The rest stop was in between the divided thruway which had a nice green space to get out and stretch...which we did.


Cayden enjoying a nice relaxing morning...

Got the keys to the house a few days early...

Keegan and Cayden playing in the new house...

Daddy and Cayden tuckered out from all our exploring...

Our first time at the Warren, a really beautiful movie theater in Moore, OK. We even took Cayden to see Cars 2. I will have to get pictures next time of the theater, Keegan thought it was a live performance that is how opulent it is.

The boys getting ready to watch the movie...

July 1st was spent celebrating with a bunch of other Canadian families at a BBQ.

The boys in the red shirts playing together...

Another memory first memory...Keegan loses his first baby tooth (July 2nd 2011) Sniff, sniff my little boy is growing up so fast.

Which brings us to today, July 3rd and a great night spent with our friends Kris and Rob and some pre-4th of July fireworks in Bricktown.

This was how Cayden spent his time...

Tomorrow is July 4th, so lots more festivities, which also includes the arrival of the moving truck...does happy dance.


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