February 6, 2012

CanOkie Pickers February Addition

It was that time of the month this past weekend, Buchanan's Vintage Market Antiques and Collectibles was at the Oklahoma State Fair.

We were set to go, except this time the hubby wanted to come antiquing with us. Let's just say, he can stick to his gun show or stay home.

There were several new vendors and some of our favorites were back this month.

I was able to snag 2 complete Scrabble games this weekend and I got Twister for a dollar for Keegan.

However, once Keegan found this table I knew that he would be taking home the biggest finds of the day.

I am so proud of him as he learns the fine art of negotiating. He came home with 2 retro Hotwheel sets, one was a McDonald's sponsored one as well as 2 mini cars sets that contained several vehicles. All of which he negotiated for a lower price. Daddy was very impressed that he only spent 6 dollars on all his finds.

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