About Me

So what is there to say about me?

Well, my name is Kelly and I am a Mom to two boys, Keegan and Cayden. When I am not chasing them both around the house, you can find me busy doing something.

I love to make things. From home renos, to DIY, projects to crafts, scrapbooking, organizing or talking photo's I have probably tried it all.

You'll still here? Well here is a little bit more about me. I am married to RCAF Pilot, who has taken me to places I didn't even know existed in Canada. We are currently on an OutCan (exchange posting) in Oklahoma. Since the day we met the adventure hasn't stopped!

I graduated with BFA with a Studio Specialization in Print Making, much to the cringe of my Father, but he loves me regardless.

I am a gamer and a sci-fi geek.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my little corner of the web, please feel free to come back anytime and feel free to bring a friend along!


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