June 29, 2009

Canadian Please

This was done by my friends friend and it is great!
Canadian please...

I have been remiss...

Well life in the last month has been a roller coaster of non-stop, barely time to breath-go,go,go! I have finally managed to catch a moment all to myself and wanted to drop note to say that I am still here and as busy as ever.

With the wind-down of June, we have been on a couple of adventures, Keegan has successfully completed his first year of Nursery School, only to repeat it next year as he will be just turning four this July...OMG...4!

Over the last month or so I have been cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, by going through our mass collection of sh*t, I mean our painstaking cared for and love filled collection of memories. I have finally amassed a rather large quanity of things to sell and if they don't, one rather large donation to be given.

Sadly to say, while I feel I have purged a rather large assortement of things, there is still so much that we have that I am postive that we really don't need! I am proud of my babysteps...once a rat pack always a rat pack, although a slightly slimer one.

Hopefully, I 'll be back in the next few days with some pics of our adventures.


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