May 29, 2009

off for a girls weekend and possibly some scrapbooking!

Well, I have just finished packing...well at least my scrapbooking supplies. I still have to pack some clothes, run a few errands, go to an appointment and then I am off for a girls weekend and some scrapbooking!

So hopefully, in a few short days I will return with some new pages and a feeling of replenismnet and not return to a destroyed house, stressed out Daddy or crying gnomelit!

Keeping my fingers crossed....

May 20, 2009

Fireman for a day...

Staff photo by Rob SwystunFrom left to right Keegan Port, Kahlie Buechler, Emma Wiebe, Damien Wolf, Cathy Bray (taking photos), Conor Rae, Madison Fehr and Calli Owens watch as Spencer Reimer sprays a fire hose with the help of Portage Emergency Services firefighter Don Robertson at the Trinity Nursery School in Portage la Prairie Tuesday. Robertson let all the kids take turns spraying the hose as he demonstrated the firefighting equipment for the children.
 photo by Sam Wiebe
This month is Emergency month at Keegan's Nursery School. Last week the RCMP showed up and did a little talk and the kids got to go in the cruiser, which Keegan wanted nothing to do with! This week was the local fire service, which from the picture's above Keegan was more receptive to participate in.

May 4, 2009

Hop & Bop

Well, Keegan's first year of dance has come to end and the all the sweat, tears and blood (and there was blood) has resulted in this little number!

Originally uploaded by chasingkeegan

Originally uploaded by chasingkeegan


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