January 31, 2012

It has arrived.

I have been debating the boys playroom for a bit. I wanted to change it to suit the set up better not to mention having things at Cayden's level. As much as I would have loved to make another trip to Ikea (the closest is in Dallas) I knew that wasn't in the cards at this time. When low and behold, while surfing Costco.com I found exactly what I wanted. Not to mention the price was right as shipping is included, so I knew there would be no surprise followed by disappointment when I got the checkout to find some absurd shipping fee being added to my total.

On top of all that it arrived within a week, faster then their estimated shipping date. Yay!

The instructions said that it would take about 30 mins to put together and while I was well on my way to making that goal. The instructions did not take into account little helpers, who for the most part was really helpful holding the screws and giving them to me when asked. Except for when he got distracted and crawled off with several bolts that I needed! It then took me 30 mins to find said bolts and this was after I took a break to put the little helper down for a nap.

I was finally able to finish the unit and after several rearrangements I believe I have the playroom the way I want it. All of this lead to a major rearrangement of my office/studio craft space which is shared by the playroom in our 3rd garage.

More pictures to follow tomorrow.

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