January 26, 2010


Well it seems the whole once a week thing has already, well...oops!

Turning 32 and feeling it, not to mention a sick one has caused my life to become somewhat chaotic since my last post...and the never-ending insanity that is my life!

So last week while the little guy wasn't all that well, I "mopped" and really didn't do all that much and it felt...GREAT! However, the price is now being payed as the finally week of January steam rolls ahead and I am playing catch-up...but this is where I excel.

So with a snow day yesterday I was able to accomplish a massive to-do list for the Nursery School, get a few of my own things done and then spend some curled up time with the gnomelit playing x-box...while hubby dutifully went out to brave the winter weather and rescue us from being snowed under in the blizzard...personally I think that he is having an affair with that snow blower! lol

Was called into work this morning, went well and I even managed to knock a few more things off my to-do list and finally got the coding to work and have now added...drum roll please...

My upcoming classes with working links...ya me! I know you can all go and laugh, but I was having such issues with the coding, it didn't want to take the one type that seems to work everywhere but here! :(

So I am thinking that another code and web design course might be in my future, but for now the massive yellow and black book will have to do...don't you just love dummy books!

January 4, 2010

2010 and resolutions...

I cannot believe that the new year is upon us already. While I have been remiss, yet again in blogging, mind you I really only do it for myself as I have no delusions of a large fan base. All my good intentions of last year have gone by the way side.

So once again, I find myslef at the beginning of a new year with hopes, dreams, aspiriations and goals. While I will not be making any new years resolutions they always tend to fall by the way side I am going to make a list of things that I would love to accomplish/learn/do.

In reading a blog I follow,  Vanessa has choosen to have a word of the year and while at first I thought it kinda silly, I changed my mind when I saw hers and have decided to borrow her choice (I hope she doesn't mind).


That is what I am going to be doing this year, while I did have some focus in the last few months of last year being sick, Christmas drained me. So I am starting fresh, and in doing so I have set some goals.

Learn to be a better photographer
Finish all my crafts on my to-do list
Catch up and continue to scrapbook for the fun of it
Continue to teach my art classes
Read my growing back log of books
Find time for just me
Enjoy the moments
Pay off the debt (yuck)
Try and blog once a week
Try and post pictures to ShutterCal once a week

and finally to "just be"

Well, that is about it from here...whether I accomplish all these goals will not be measured in a pass/fail scenario but by how I feel at the end of the day.

Hello 2010, I look foward to our journey together...mind you not about the whole getting a year older in 9 days...yikes!


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