February 2, 2012

A Geeky Studio Space

With the revamp of the playroom, you can read about it here. I moved onto the other half of the room known as my studio space. I think I now have it the way  I want it. It's not perfect, but it will work for the next four years of this posting.

All the toys that were moved to the new storage unit freed up several shelves that I was then able to add to my existing one and create a wall of shelves that now block the garage door.

This picture is looking towards the far corner of the garage that has my desk and computer monitors. Yes, monitors is plural! I usually have 3, but the moment I have downsized to my 25" and my 22". Did I mention I was a geek!

To the left is the first of 4 Ikea Ivar units. I have I motioned yet how much I love Ikea?!? On this unit is an Epson display case. I have two Epson printers. On the top is my Epson 1280, I bought it for it's wide format capability. Underneath it is my scanner the Epson Perfection V700 photo which at the time was one of the few able to scan photo negatives. Below those are my Epson NX400 and below that is my CPU, which has some really cool lights, that you can't see right now. Did I mention my geek side?

The beginning of the mega unit. The row of scrapbooks in various states of being finished.

The middle unit that holds most of machines. The top shelf has jars filled with different things. The next shelf has all my Cricut cartridges and my Cuttlebug. Below that is my Silhouette Cameo, below that is my Cricut E and below that sitting on top of my filing cabinets (which I think I am going to spray paint this summer) is my Cricut Imagine.

The last unit is home to everything else more or less. Ribbons, embellishments, stamps, inks, paper, some more paper, and possibly even more paper.

My 4 by 4 work table. Mind the mess, that will show up in a post soon. The door on the left leads into the two car garage that we actually use for cars...hehe. The door that has the bags hanging on it, it the weirdest little utility closet you will ever see and I have crammed full of crafting things...but I am not going to show...because it really is crammed! Another storage unit. Which brings you to the door on the right. Behind that door is the hot water tank for the house.

On the outside of the door I used the 3M hooks and have hung my rulers, my cutting mats and other things.

My metal catch all board.

Here are close ups of those two huge storage units. In this one is all my babies. I have the glass doors open so you can see in.

Below on the two shelves are a culmination of my University career. Can you guess what my majors were?

Here is the other unit, that has a few studio odds and ends, as well as 4 craft buckets for the kids. A close up will reveal just how much of geek I am.

My Sheppard and McKay figures from Stargate Atlantis. I won't tell you how many I actually have...hehe

My model of the F-302 Fighter Replica from Stargate, designed and made by QMX.

My model of the Death Glider Replica.

My X-Men Hotwheels!

Some great graphic novels.

Well that is about it. I am currently working on some fine tuning for organizing my scrapbooking/craft supplies. I will post more soon.

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