January 19, 2012

CanOkie Pickers

Since arriving in Oklahoma I have gone on several antique trips. Which usually coincides with a Gun Show.

Both the Gun Show and the Antique Market happen at the Oklahoma State Fair grounds once a month, which has been working out rather well for us as a family. I take the boys and we go on adventure through the past while Daddy goes and looks at guns.

The antique show is put on by Buchanans Vintage Market Antiques and Collectibles. Who allow private vendors, store vendors, and anyone who wants to pay for a both to set up their wares for the weekend and for the most part the stuff available is fun to look at and sometimes priced reasonable.

I have also found a handful of stores in my area with friend who loves to antique shop as well. Now some of them seem to have a much firmer grasp on reality then others as far as pricing and negotiating goes. Either way we usually have a good time on our adventures.

I have borrowed the name CanOkie from the title of the newsletter that the Detachment puts out each month as it works well for Canadians in Oklahoma - CanOkie! As well as the popular tv show American Pickers and my friend and I had a good laugh. We're thinking maybe some t-shirts are needed. LoL

So I am hoping to make this a monthly post on our adventure and what we find.

This past weekend there was another market and we went on Saturday. Much to Keegan's dismay the Hotwheels vendor that has been there for the past 3 months was not there this weekend.

However, this did not stop Keegan coming home with something. Not only did he take his time and look through the entire building filled with overflowing tables, he actually negotiated the vendor down in price from $15 to $12.

Without further ado I would like to introduce you to Red Rocker and Blue Bomber. Thank-you Pixar and Toy Story for introducing my child to a toy that is a classic for a reason.

I had some great finds as well.

A close up of the wash board which I could not pass up as it has my Mother maidens name on it and the Miller-Jackson building still exists in Bricktown, OKC.

A close up of the boxes. The small one I think I am going to use for events as a utensil holder. While the larger Acme Lime one is going to become a display shelf either in Keegan room or in my office. I haven't yet decided.

While I can't take credit for the decanter find, it more then a perfect fit for our family. Not only does it have our last name. I have spent many Mess dinners drinking Port while the different salutes are said. Drinking too much Port is never an advisable idea - trust me.

Early in the week my friend and I headed out to look at some stores and this is where I found this beauty. And for the $30 price tag was unable to walk away.

Leather and Metal isn't gorgeous!

Finally this find is from our very first adventure at the market and the Geek in me LOVES it! Zombies...

Till our next adventure in February.

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