January 27, 2012

Anyone for Scrabble?

I saw this on Pineterest and thought what a terrific idea, I can make those. Well let's just say it was easier said then done. Not so much in the making, but rather in the obtaining of the vintage scrabble boards.

My first stops were Thrift and Salvation Army stores, alas there wasn't a Scrabble board to be found.

I finally found some when I was t even really looking and even better thy were sold or a dollar! What a bargain, I bought them all. As I started to make more, I headed to my favorite location, which has never let me down, as long as you ate willing to pay. After about half an hour, Ebay and I had come to agreement and all I had to do was wait for the mail guy to arrive.

In my first few I went with photo corners to mount the photo rather then the bullnose clip. Another reason that choose to do this, all my boards were being sent the mail to their new homes and I figured that there was less chance of damage occurring while in transit with the photo corners versus the bullnose clip. I also choose to go with a 5 x 7 photo as that is what I had already printed.

I plan on making some for my house and I plan on experimenting with a variety of different size photos, clips and photo corners.

I used 3M photo mounting strips on the back to hang the Scrabble boards.


  1. Wow! I really like this idea. I'm glad you found out it and shared it. My sister loves Scrabble and this would make the perfect present for her. Pinning it now :)

    1. Thanks Lori! I am glad you liked it. I am currently making a set for my home and I am going to be using the Bull Nose clips on these ones. I will post once they are done. :)



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