February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Wreath

Well the original plan was to have all these projects posted individually over the last week or so and well, that didn't happen. So I will be sharing several Valentine projects throughout the day today!

The first is this quick and easy Valentine's Wreath that I made. I have seen tons of wreath showing up as of late all over Pinterest and the web varying from yarn, to felt, to burlap and everything in between and I just knew that I wanted to to try one using both felt and burlap together.

With a rough idea of what colours I wanted to use I headed off to Hobby Lobby to find what I needed.

Here are the results:

Supply List:

Straw Wreath
Burlap Ribbon of your choice
Felt sheets of your choice
Flower Staples
Silhouette Heat Transfer Fabric Interfacing Clean Cut (or another brand)
Silhouette Machine
Silhouette Design Studio

While I really wanted to find a grey burlap that wasn't meant to be, but I did find a really nice frayed burlap that I thought would give it the perfect rustic feel I was looking for. I also picked up a couple of sheets for grey and teal felt.

I wrapped the the straw wreath in the burlap and then proceeded to try something I had never done before, cut felt using my Silhouette Cameo.

First I set up the hearts that I wanted in the studio. The settings that I used to cut the felt were Speed 2, Thickness 33, Blade 10 and double cut was clicked on.

Next I decided to switch out my blade for the material blade as I had one from a promo and had not used it yet. The reason that I choose to do this was over the many pages I read on cutting felt, the one main things all posters had stated was the need for keeping their paper blade separate from that of their paper one, so I figured why not.

The next thing I did was to prep my felt for the machine and while some posters said that they had had great success in using freezer paper, I knew that I needed the felt to have a bit more weight to it. So I used the Silhouette Heat Transfer Fabric Interfacing Clean Cut, as I didn't have any Heat n Bond on hand (which was another poster favourite).

I followed the directions for ironing it onto the felt and here is what it looks like.

After I had the felt prepared I placed it on my mat shiny side down and proceeded to cut.

The moment of truth...

Needless to say it was a success!

So after some initial layout ideas here is the finished project. I decided that leaving the flower staples visible added a nice visual element, not to mention if down the road I decided to change the wreath the hearts would be easy to remove.

and one of it hanging outside

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your beautiful wreath! I am a newer Cameo user, so hearing your successes on felt just make me happier I took the plunge and bought a Cameo!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You will love the Cameo and I am so happy that my first attempt with felt was a success!



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