March 5, 2012

Monday Mail Delivery

Well today started off great. Look at what the Mailman delivered...

Cling stamps...Oh my!

CTMH Canadian Stamp set and a few others...

and some great looking CTMH paper and other knickknack's.

On the other side of the day Cayden is either cutting some new teeth, is getting a cold or both! :( While he was napping I finally got sometime to work on my cards that I am making for a swap that I am in with some Circle friends. When the phone rings and it my sister telling me my Dad is in the hospital, they think that he had a mini stroke...OMG!

As if last week wasn't bad enough when my stubborn Dad refused to go to the Doctor's about 2 weeks ago when he wasn't feeling well and my Mom took him to the hospital last week when the pain finally got so bad to find out that he had ruptured his appendix and was being prepped for emergency surgery! I mean really! So here I am in Oklahoma while all this is happening back in Ontario, Canada and I am doing the whole dance should I go, should I stay.

Well everything seemed to be on the mend, until today and on top all of this my Mom is supposed to be coming here on Friday for a week to see us and help me get a whole bunch of things ready for when hubby deploys for 6 months in April.

Ok, so Cayden is still napping, got the phone call from my sister, waiting to hear back from my Mom...looking at the clock hoping  that Cayden will wake up from his nap in time for Keegan getting off the bus at 4 so that I can put them all in the car including Casey (our Lab) so that I can pick up Fey and Devon (our Shih tzu x and Moodle) from the groomers, drop off Casey at the groomers, bring the other two dogs home and get Keegan's gear to take him to swimming for 5. Do you need a break yet?

So we get home, hubby is thankful home, I hand off the dogs and Cayden grab Keegan's things and off we go to swimming. Finally get home at 6 start prepping left-overs night and Keegan tells us he isn't feeling all that great...temp check...fever!  Really!!!!

So let's recount...Yay Mailman
                            Cleaning smelling dogs
                             2 sick kids
                             Father with a mini stroke
                             28 cards to get done for an exchange
                             Husband deploying in 3 weeks

I think I'll start breathing again at some point...

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