December 15, 2011

A year ago...

I cannot believe that a year has come and gone already! This time last year I was not only on the final count down to Christmas, but I was on the much bigger count down to the impending arrival of my Mother in time for the planned c-section of our second boy on December 22nd. Needless to say I was more then organized and energized like never before. It was amazing I was crafting like nobody's business, the holiday cheer filled every aspect of the house I was running on warp speed lugging my 9 month pregnant body, 5 year old, 3 dogs and husband around.
I had it all planned, down to the last minute, I was even discussing in detail everything on the list with my husband as I got ready for bed that night and he was humming and hahhing...laughing at my neurotic behaviour. water broke! What! This isn't supposed to be happening. It is December 14th at about 11 pm, Keegan is sleeping, we have his Kindergarten Christmas concert in the morning, my Mother arrives on Friday, and my planned section isn't till next week...I haven’t finished the homemade marshmallows for the teachers Christmas gifts! Yes, that thought actually did run through my mind!Eventually we focused on what was happening and headed off to the local hospital. After some confusion, slight reluctance on their part they called in the right Doctors to perform my c-section. We called our friends at 2:30 in the morning asking if we could bring Keegan over to sleep at their house, I was about to head into surgery.
Our beautiful boy was born at 0409 on December 15th 2010. I remember so much more this time around then I did the last. I think that had a lot to do with the whole bicycle theory.He remained nameless for the next five hours as my husband decided that our final three names longer worked. Good thing the hospital had wi-fi; I pulled out my iPhone and began to search.We finally found the name...Keegan meeting Cayden for the first time.
Happy Birthday Cayden, our little Space Cadet! I can't believe you are a year old already!



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