December 11, 2011

Antique Shopping

Well it seems almost every other weekend there is some sort of Antique, Gun, and or Craft Show going on at the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds. Wouldn't you know it all 3 were happening this weekend.

While hubby headed to the Gun show the boys and I headed to the Antique Show. While I would call it all out Antique Show, there were some of the same vendors there that had been there the previous time we had gone and some new ones. To be honest, it kinda reminds me of a swap meet...where you can see all sorts of things that people are trying to sell, only this one is far more organized and everyone is super friendly.

Needless to say having been to this before, some of the vendors were the same and Keegan was beyond thrilled to find his favorite was there again.

He was even more excited that the guy sold him $11 dollars worth of cars for $10 allowing him to keep a dollar in his wallet. He even bought Cayden a beanie horse. It was so cute.

The second purchase of the day was this vintage desk. It is in great condition and has a beautiful inlay on the top.

I bought for Keegan to use for the computer that he is getting for Christmas. He was just so excited to get a big boy desk. Just wait till Christmas.

All in all a great way to spend an afternoon.

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