June 19, 2008


Well, I had all the intention of blogging more and even had a better schedule worked out to do so. However, I have been remiss in this intention. Although, to be honest, for the last 3 weeks I feel that I have been watching my life play out on poorly syndicated television show.

I know find myself, about to become a statistic of Divorce. While, I am still in the process of having to deal with this reality I am glad that this is happening as an adult and not child. To be honest I really don't think as I a child I would be have been able to handle this. I feel for all those that have gone through this situation, no matter their age. I only hope that they had someone who they could turn to, who could make them feel better and for that matter make them smile.

In all of this disarray I have a new found depth of appreciation for my sister. Out of all this, it has brought us closer.

As if that wasn't enough, I was in the middle of trying to sell my house, raise a child and be a good wife. The good wife part I am still working on. /evil grin

So while all of this is going on, showings, preparing to leave, and being on my own. I sell the house while Rye is off in Hinton flying. To have him get back Saturday, we leave for the HHT on Monday, which we cut short due to having to be back for Rye to head to the great white North this past Sunday.

So the HHT goes, we find a house we get back on the 14th, Rye leaves on the 15th, I sell the truck that night and then start the long and arduous process of getting the house ready to move and all that that entails.

Which brings us to today, to find out that Rye is in Greenland...I thought that you were supposed to be in Eureka. /scratches head

Oh well.

Still working on getting the house ready, making all necessary changes and getting in all those last minute appointments. Jetta goes in tomorrow for a block heater...I get cold thinking about it.

Saturday, I am going to attempt to have a Moving sale all on my lonesome. Sunday is double whammy b-day and to be honest I don't even want to tell what is planned for next week.

You know that song...I am slowly going crazy...

/points at herself.

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