June 20, 2008

$2000 Friday, formely know as Friday June 20th 2008

Now if you ask anyone, I have absolutely no problem spending money especially if it is something I really want. However, a block heater, now known as a in-line coolant heater (just so Volkswagen can be different) and 24 hour return after departure airfare are neither what I would call something that I wanted.

Oh well, be that as it may...that is how I spent over $2000 dollars in less then an hour and half, I would have to say that might be a new record, as a car purchase and house do not count.


On another note which I find amusing Keegan was so helpful and well behaved that after a disastrous pizza and orange crush dinner, I gave him a bath and decided that after recycling that we would go for ice cream. Just as I was about to pull into the cue, Keegan feel asleep. He did however respond with a nod of his head, while sleeping mind you that he wanted an ice cream when I asked. So i bought him one and pulled over in attempt to wake him from slumber...I know horrible mother. But it was ice cream! Finally got him slightly roused that he grabbed the spoon to only stick his other hand in the ice cream, which might have helped him in waking up.

However, the first few bites were done asleep.

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