June 23, 2008

Cold for my bum...

So all in all it was another exhausting day of running around and getting things done. I managed to get several more things checked off my list today. Mind you, I have also added several to the schedule for tomorrow.

We had just gotten home from Home Depot and I was in one room and Keegan was in the other when I heard a commotion and the inevitable tears that followed said commotion. I run to Keegan to find a rubbermaid container flipped over and Keegan standing beside it crying with his hands on his back. I asked him what happened and he said "bum." I asked him if he fell on his "bum" and sure enough more tears a nod and "bum" mentioning followed by the request "cold for my bum."

Well how can you say no to that. So after his bath, which showed a rather nice red mark on his upper bum and lower back we went to the freezer to procure our "cold" and to watch Backyardigans in Mommies room. However, the "cold" was placed on his head and not his "bum."

It was cute never the less.

Off to Coombs in the morning to visit the butterfly exhibit with Amanda, James and Olivia...should be a nice break.

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