June 25, 2011

Good Bye Portage, Hello North Dakota

Well Day 1 is coming to a close of our North American move. The van was loaded and the trailer hooked up...we say our final goodbyes.

A couple of hours later we arrive at the Border, expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised at the relative ease at which we were granted access...within an hour we were on our way.

Hello North Dakota.

We had to pull off once before Grand Forks as Cayden decided that he needed to soil his diaper. After which it was uneventful until the last few clicks into Grand Forks as we were almost out of gas and the GPS took us to a gas station that no longer existed.

Needless to say we did find one out of a time warp and then it was on to Fargo and our first stop.

Next stop Sioux City, IA.

- Posted while in transition

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