June 27, 2011

Detours due to flooding...

Keegan and Fey sleeping thru the crazy storm from last night.

Well this morning started off pretty early for our 3rd day of the trip. We had a smorgasbord of tasty treats for breakfast compliments of Holiday Inn. We topped up the fuel tank and were on our way by 10 am. A slight detour into Nebraska and then back into Iowa got us back on track.

Only to find out that our route of I 29 to Omaha was kinda under water.

I wasn't fast enough to get the picture of where I 29 completely disappears under water as I was to busy dealing with a sligty annoyed husband concerned we were going to be completely re-routed through Des Moines. Needless to say a slight detour and we were back on track and on 75 on the other side of a very swollen Missouri River.

We e eventually crossed into Kansas ( please picture a road sign here, it was so small and happened so fast, that it didn't happen at all.

Welcome to Kansas

A cool town along 75

We arrived in Topeka around 4:30 and have just been relaxing.

The final leg of our journey starts tomorrow. Where once we arrive in Oklahoma, we will the get to sit and wait for our moving truck to arrive...sigh.

At least we will have time to explore and enjoy the hotel pool.

On another note...

Posted while still in transition in Topeka, KS.

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