December 5, 2010

Teacher's Gifts 2010

So last year I made and gave away cookies in a jar. I labeled them "ChasingKeegan Cookies."

This year, I saw an idea on a blog that I read on how to make Homemade Hot Chocolate. I got the recipe from Citrus's Blog. There is also a recipe for Homemade Marshmellows there as well, however I used this recipe.

The Hot Chocolate made and waiting to go into it's bags...

The test run for the marshmellows...

And since this is my test run for the marshmellows, I decided to try out some other flavours, rather then just the crushed candy canes onto top to see what worked better using sprinkles from Pamperd Chef.

So depending on how the taste test goes, finished gift pictures to follow.

On another note, completely unrelated, I came upstairs late to bed the other night, only to find this...

Isn't it great to have a King sized bed and there be absolutely no room for you to sleep between the hubby and 3 dogs. I guess the one good thing was that the gnomelit was fast asleep in his own bed and only after 10 mins I was finally able to get the lab to move to her pillow on the floor.

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