March 24, 2009

the mini

The "mini" as I like to call it has been a love hate relationship for me ever since my husband brought it home. The "mini" while I wish it was the car is an Acer Aspire one laptop. It about the size of a mass paperback book and 2 inches thick. In a sense the perfect travel companion. It's rather slick design and brightly lite lcd screen is pleasant to look at and it comes in a variety of colors and secrets be told...I wouldn't mind owning the pink one! GASP...have no idea where this femine complusion comes from...but alas there it is. As for the hate part the shift key of the keyboard drives me nuts as I am rather large fan of using the left shift key for caps. I am forever finding my rather large and cumbersome fingers pressing the \ key rather then the shift key as to accomadate for a smaller laptop would you believe that they made the keyboard smaller. Oh well, aside from that one little thing, which with time like all new keyboards I will learn to adjust...I am unsure if I will ever adjust to the ever maddening scroll/touchpad mouse design. I am forever causing the screen to zoom and don't really know where exactly that invisible line is between it being an easy to use touch pad and the touch pad from hell. Know some my find this all in one touch pad the ideal solution...I would rather have teeth pulled!

But alas, atm I am feeling more and more love for the "mini" as it allows me to go places with much more ease then the 17 inch Sony. Ya for blogging in bed and not taking up more room then my discarded Breaking Dawn.

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