May 1, 2010

My double handle "kidlet"

Well, I finally managed to sit down and be creative! I stumbled upon Jennifer's website JCasa *handmade and her amazing tutorial for her affectional named "kidlet's this tutorial by far has been one of the easiest, well laid out tutorials I have ever used! Plus, for a visual learner, the picture's throughout were icing on the cake.

The first one I made, I made more or less following the exact pattern. I did goof on the placement of the pocket, but all in all I think that it turned out great.

On the next couple, which I made some changes, I added a second handle and through some trial and error, mostly error, I got the placement and enough stiching to hold the handles so that they didn't pull out from the finished bag. I blame this solely on my very novice sewing skills.

I need to make a couple more for upcoming birthdays, but I just love them.

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