February 27, 2009

it is a conspiracy...

I swear it is a conspiracy! I am heading for a crop weekend and 24 hours before hubby is due home from his trip he complains of a cold that he is coming down with. As soon as he arrives home, Keegan runs up, "Hi Daddy, I missed you"...hug and kiss ensue...then "sniff, sniff...which follows a wake-up at 5:30 am and a runny nose.

It is a conspiracy to keep me from leaving...however, I refuse to give into their attemps at keeping me home. They will just have to, as my sister so poetically puts it "suck it" till I get home.

So I will be leaving in a few short hours to their moans and runny noses...with a well stocked house of juice, soup and aloe tissues.

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